SAM Residential Group is proud to be part of the Drewlo Family of Companies.


Drewlo Holdings

Drewlo Holdings is a family-owned company that has been developing, constructing, and managing apartment buildings for over 60 years. Drewlo Holdings boasts some of the most sought-after buildings in over five cities in Ontario.

Named by the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations as the top Rental Housing Provider of the Year in 2021, Drewlo Holdings has a strong history of building, managing, and owning multi-family communities. 


Marquee Asset Management

Founded in 2008, Marquee Asset Management LLC is a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Drewco Development Corp, and part of the Drewlo Family of Companies,  based in London, Ontario, Canada. Marquee Asset Management LLC is the U.S. holding company for the Drewlo families’ real estate investment companies in the US which include Shelter Asset Management LLC, and SAM Residential Group LLC. Shelter Asset Management LLC and SAM Residential LLC  work with partners from around the globe. Marquee Asset Management’s leadership team has a decades long track record of successful investments in the United States and Canada. Learn more below more about the Drewlo Family of Companies’ achievements

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Shelter Asset Management

Shelter Asset Management, established in 2008, is a Marquee Asset Management division, that focuses on asset management, real estate development  advisory and consulting.  Shelter Asset Management is built on the Drewlo foundation spanning over 60 years of success and growth. Shelter Asset Management understands the value of clients’ time, and strives to free clients of the day-to-day challenges of investment property ownership. Shelter Asset Management is uniquely qualified to offer clients and partners, the experience, guidance, creativity, and peace of mind in their real estate investments and is pleased to now be developing opportunities and building wealth in the U.S. market.

Ironstone Built

The Ironstone Building Company

The Ironstone Building Company is Southwestern Ontario’s largest home builder and specializes in production homes. With upgraded finishes at no extra cost, quick closings, and a simple and transparent home buying process, Ironstone has become the preeminent home builder in their market. 

The Ironstone Building Company recently won the Ontario Home Builders’ Association Innovation award for their joint Rent.Save.Own. Program with Drewlo Holdings and just constructed their 1000th home in 2021.

Ironstone Condos

Ironstone Condos

A division of The Ironstone Building Company, Ironstone Condos specializes in production townhomes. Ironstone’s award-winning townhome communities can be found across London, Ontario in numerous Drewlo Land division new subdivisions including Summerside Trail, Hyde Park Meadows, Killaly on Thames, and Pond Mills Trail.  

The Ironstone Building Company recently won the Ontario Home Builders’ Association Innovation award for their joint Rent.Save.Own. Program with Drewlo Holdings. Ironstone just constructed their 1000th home in 2021, and has over 500 homes under construction in 2021.


Riverside Concrete Forming

Riverside Concrete Forming is Southwestern Ontario’s leading concrete forming company and specializes in commercial concrete forming, high-rise concrete services, municipal curbs and sidewalks and more.

In addition to servicing both Drewlo Holdings and The Ironstone Building Company, Riverside Concrete Forming services the largest builders across Southwestern Ontario.